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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Biz Buzz - 2

1. Which automobile brand is named after the Spanish word for `grace’?
### Mercedes; It was named after the daughter of Emil Jellinek, an Austrian businessman who promised to buy a fleet of cars if they were named after his daughter whose name `Mercedes' translated to `grace' in Spanish.

2. Which Indian company identifies itself with the Italian mindset of precision engineering?
### PRICOL- Premier Instruments and Controls.

3.What does the number 4,810 on the nib of a Mont Blanc pen signify?
### The height of Mount Blanc in meters and the limited edition pens. Every Year, Mont Blanc produces only 4,810 pens. Once the 4,810 is made, the dyes are destroyed and to show its lineage, every nib of the line has 4,810 inscribed on it.

4. Long time back, Colgate introduced toothpaste under some brand name in France. Though the quality and performance of the product were very good, it ended up as a cropper. What was the brand and why did it fail?
### The brand name was `CUE'. It failed because CUE also happened to be the name of a notorious porno magazine in France.

5. I am around 47. Until 1971, I used to look to my right. But from 1971, I have been looking only straight ahead. Who am I?
### Barbie Doll. Until 1971, Barbie's eyes looked to the right. Beginning in 1971, they looked straight ahead.

7. Everyone knows that a bullish trend is when the stock markets are rising and the bearish is when the markets are on a downward spiral. But what do you call a stock market trend that is neither bullish nor bearish - just flat? (Don't tell me it's a Flat Market)
### Chicken Market

8. When India, Inc. sought investment from abroad, some of the heavyweights in the Indian business came together to protest what they perceived as an imminent takeover of Indian business by transnational companies. What was the result?
### Formation of the Bombay Club.

9. What does the age recorded on a whiskey bottle refer to?
### The number of years it is aged prior to being bottled. Once in the bottle, whiskey does not improve.

10. During the second world war, why there was a sudden increase in the consumption of pop corn in the united states?
### Sugar was sent overseas for the U.S. troops. This caused scarcity of sugar in the states to produce candy. Because of this unusual situation, Americans consumed three times as much popcorn as usual.


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