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Monday, November 20, 2006

Biz Quiz 211106


Presenting a biz quiz with a mix of dry and visual questions. I hope you like it. Mail your answers to me at within a week.

1. Purple grapes, green grapes, apple and gooseberries are the characters from which apparel company?

2. Fill in the blanks.

William ________ Jr. came to Chicago in 1891. He was 29 and had only $32 in his pocket. But he had lots of energy and immense talent as a salesman. He started out selling soap. As an extra incentive to shoppers to carry _______'s soap, he offered them free baking powder. When baking powder proved to be more popular than soap, he switched to the baking powder business. One day, _______ got the idea to offer merchants free chewing gum with each can of baking powder. The rest is history.

3. The rich at Edward Lloyd’s coffee house would take a share of a risk by signing their names one beneath the other on the policy together, with the amount they agreed to cover. This practice has given rise to a word, which we usually associate with the public offering of shares. What word?

4. Year started: 1880
Average Literacy: 8th Grade Schooling
Average Area Covered: 60 Km per ____ ____
Employee Strength: 5000
Number of shipments: 2,00,000 ____ ___
Time taken for delivery: 3 hours
Cost of Service: Rs. 200/- month
Turnover: about Rs. 50 Crore per month
Who/What am I talking about?

5. Who is he?

6. Identify the advertiser.

7. Who is this advertising legend?

8. Identify the advertiser.

9. Identify the logo.

10. Identify the advertiser

Happy Learning,

Murali Duggineni.


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answer 9 pidilite


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