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Friday, September 02, 2005

Biz Buzz –3
1.What business did Monica Lewinscky venture into after the White House affair?
### Handbags; You can have a look at

2.Most of us know that Akio Morita's passion to listening to Beethoven's music while playing golf resulted in the invention of Sony Walkman. But there was another reason that prompted Morita to invent the Walkman. What’s it?
### He noticed people carrying large stereos to parks and beaches and felt like coming up with something handy without compromising on the sound quality.

3.Born in 1888 in Melbourne, Presence in 144 countries, The Official
sponsor of the Formula One. What famous brand am I talking about?
### Fosters

4.Which European Country banned the original version of Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC)?

5.In Banking parlance, what's the Golden Era of 3-6-3?
###A prescription for good banking – get money at 3 per cent, lend it at 6 per cent and return to the Golf club at 3 PM.

6.Which brand of jeans shares its name with an airport in Hong Kong?
###Lap Kok

7. It's the oldest apparel trademark still in use. During the Second World War, the design of this trademark underwent a change due to Government policies. What is the trademark and what was the change made to it during the WWII?
###The double row of stitching on the back pockets, known as Arcuate Stitching Design. During the Second World War, the design was painted on the pockets due to government rationing of essential items such as thread.

8.Why does McDonald decorate its restaurants in Red and Yellow?
###These colors are said to induce hunger

9. Which ingredient of chewing paan gets its name from the Sanskrit for `Pleasant'?

10.In the late 19th century, what unusual thing was used as fuel for locomotives in Egypt due to a severe short supply of wood and coal?
###Mummies; millions of mummies were used to fuel the locomotives.


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