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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Quinkie Fourth Anniversary Quiz
Dear All,
May 13th marks the 4th anniversary of Quinkie. I’m inspired to break my aestivation and post a quiz. Mail me your answers within 10 days.

1. Which SUV is named after South American wild cats?

2. It all began in 1927, when the editors of the TIME magazine contemplated what they could write about during a sluggish news week. Actually, they were seeking a remedy to an editorial embarrassment from earlier that year when the magazine did not put aviator Charles Lindbergh on its cover following his historic trans-Atlantic flight. At the end of the year, what idea did TIME come up with?

3. Recently, Juan Valdez and his faithful mule `Cochita’ took permanent coffee break as the icons of which brand?

4. Which Unilever brand has established a programme for aesthetics and well-being at Harvard University, which will examine the way we think and talk about beauty in popular culture and the effect that this has on women’s well-being?

5. Connect the following: Bikaneri Bhujia, Goa’s Feni, Madhuban style of painting, Darjeeling Tea, Kondapalli Toys,…..(note:the list is not limited to only these)

6. In India, Train No 5645 UP/NTT Guwahati does not belong to the Railways, and is probably the fastest goods train in the India. Whom does the train belong to?

7. What is the contribution of G S Edwards Company of Norwalk, Connecticut to the New York Stock Exchange?

8. In 1946, driven by a desire to bring out beauty in every woman, which enterprising lady started her company with a jar of skin cream developed by her chemist uncle?

9. One more question on Fashion: The founder of this fashion house was responsible for designing many of the company's most notable products. In 1947, he introduced the bamboo handle handbag, which is still a company mainstay.Who?

10. In the corporate world, who is a Clockroach?

11. Connect the two visuals.

12. Identify the person on the cover of TIME.

13. Headquarters of which famous institution?

14. Identify the advertiser.

15. Identify the logos.


Happy Learning,
Murali Duggineni.


At 1:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome quiz. I love the variety and the off beat questions. Tickles the brain cells most definitely :-)
... And on a sadder note, I had no idea I knew so less of the world:-(

At 6:57 PM, Blogger Jagan said...

are mama, where the heck do yu find all this information on...


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