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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Biz Quiz 061007


Posting a quiz, as usual, after a long time. Mail your answers to me at muraliduggineni(at)

1. In business, what’s often referred to an Aurangzeb Syndrome?

2. Ardeshir Godrej once introduced a soap under the name No. 2. Later he introduced No. 1. When asked about why he introduced No. 2 first, what logic did he give?

3. Sun Microsystems has changed its NASDAQ ticker symbol from SUNW to what?

4. Founded in 1975 by John Trimble, it’s an 18-room facility located at Esternwick, a southern suburb of Melbourne. It generates an annual profit of over $2 million. What am I talking about?

5. Recently, Harrods launched the diamond-encrusted Rene Caovilla collection of sandals, priced at over 62,000 British Pounds per pair. What unique security measure did Harrod’s use during the launch, to draw attention?

6. She broke a tradition that’s over 550-year-old in Sept 2007. What’s her claim to fame?

7. What’s the contribution of this person to the computing world? (If you are reading this question, you probably have the answer right in your hand).

8. Identify the logo.

9. What message is this ad trying to convey? One more point if you can name the advertiser.

10. A tribute to a recently-held biz quiz ;). Name the vehicle.

Murali Duggineni.


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