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Friday, September 02, 2005

Biz Buzz - 4

1.Which brand gets its name from the Latin word, meaning `snow-white' in English?

2.Who coined the word `Copyleft' as he got frustrated with `Copyright'?
###Richard Stallman of the Free Software Movement

3."There's no such thing as a committed bureaucracy. It's like boiling ice-cream". Who made this comment? (Clue: the best finance minister India never had)
###Nani Phalkiwala

4.Connect a Diamond, a Condom, and a brand of basmati rice.


5.What do you call this stock market theory, which says that bad news tends to get released in bundles?
### Cockroach theory; It’s named so because cockroaches tend to travel in large groups and aren't looked upon kindly.

6.To whom did Al Ries and his daughter Laura Ries dedicate their bestseller "The 11 immutable Laws of Internet Branding"?
### Dotcoms

7.Which is the most used word in an advertising agency?
### Creative

8.When this Internet marketing genius had a cracking idea, he got his head shaved off, as he wanted to be known as the bald guy who knows something about the Internet. He still flaunts his shaved head and keeps coming up with good ideas. Can you identify this person who is completely against spamming your mailbox?
### Seth Godin of the “Permission Marketing” fame

9. The Red color in the logo of this institution not only symbolizes aggression in the finance business, but also warns its employees to be always on the alert! Which company are we talking about?
### HDFC

10. What's the connection between a cellular service provider and the air rushing out from your nostrils at 160 KMPH?
### Hutch (The air rushes out from your nostrils at 160 KMPH when you sneeze. And `Hutch' is the word you utter when you sneeze)


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