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Friday, January 25, 2008

Biz Quiz 260108


Before I present the quiz, let me take a moment in congratulating my friend Rajeev Kondapalli who has taken his Biz Quizzard series to the 200th week on Quinkie - a business quizzing group I started in 2003. Probably, Rajeev's Biz Quizzard is the longest running quiz series on business-related news and events. Thank you Rajeev for going through all major newspapers and magazines and sharing the key information, week after week, in the form of quizzes.

This quiz is dedicated to Rajeev on whose contributions Quinkie has thrived.

1. Which company gets its name from the Latin for `truth’ and `horizon’?

2. The advertising legend David Ogilvy preferred the discipline of knowledge to the chaos of ignorance and codified knowledge into presentations. What did he call this knowledge as?

3. Which automobile company’s logo features a circle with an arrow, which is a symbol for iron used by alchemists? The logo, representing a strong and powerful metal, combined with the company name signifies the company’s brands that are known for their rolling power.

4. Fill in the blanks:
Andy Warhol was one of the artists chosen by Absolut to create a series of print
ads for its famous vodka. When asked why he had helped endorse Absolut if he himself was not a drinker, Warhol justified his stand by saying that he used it as a ________

5. Between 1688 and 1807, one of the key sources of business for Lloyd’s was the insurance of ships. What was the business these ships were engaged in?

6. In stock market jargon, who is a lamb?

7. Which company’s logo was inspired by this Greek sculpture dating back to 450 BC? The sculpture represents “human factor”.

8. Before switching over to its current proprietary font, which world-famous company used to have the logo shown below? The company's products are a kind of ubiquitous these days.

9. Identify the advertiser. (If you can't read the words on the body, here go some of them: Wallet, Belt, Gloves; the ad tries to convey that all animals have the same skin)

10. Whose workshop is this?

11. Who is she and where would you find her immortalized?

Happy Learning,
Murali Duggineni.


At 8:07 AM, Blogger The Freak said...

1. Verizon
3. Gimmick??
10. Michael Faraday's???


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