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Friday, September 02, 2005

Brand Buzz

1.The original `eagle' logo on this brand has given way to a `Bear' in 1920. And the `Bear' happens to be the symbol of the town where the factory is located. What brand are we talking about?
###Toblerone - the Swiss Chocolate.

2. What's the difference between the `Limited Edition' and the `Collector Edition' of Barbie Dolls?
### While the Limited Edition Barbie dolls are produced in quantities limited to 35,000 or less worldwide, Collector Edition Barbie are produced in quantities of more than 35,000.

3. Which Indian utility vehicle is named after a Spanish dance and the lively music that accompanies it?
### Bolero from Mahindra & Mahindra.

4. There are many companies that would love to hate Microsoft. The principal enemies of Microsoft are commonly referred to as NOISE. If N stands for Netscape, O for Oracle, I for IBM, S for Sun Microsystems, what does E stand for?
### `E `stands for Everyone else.

5. LG has launched an air-conditioner under the name "Whisen". What does `Whisen' mean in Korea? ### A strong wind


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