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Friday, September 23, 2005

Barbie Quiz
1.What's the full name of Barbie doll?
### Barbara Millicent Roberts

2. What inspired Ruth Handler create the Barbie doll?
### There are two answers to this question. I have given a point to all those who gave either of the following responses:

(a). Ruth Handler noticed her daughter playing with paper dolls and imagining them in grown-up roles. Since most dolls at the time were baby dolls, Ruth envisioned one that would inspire little girls to think about what they wanted to be when they grew up. Ruth created a teenage fashion model doll named Barbie (after her daughter), and the rest is history.

(b). In the mid 1950's, while visiting Switzerland, Ruth Handler purchased a German Lilli doll. Lilli was a shapely, pretty fashion doll first made in 1955. She was originally fashioned after a famous cartoon character in the West German Newsletter, Bild. Lilli was made of hard plastic with molded on shoes and earrings. She was available in 11 ½" or 7" in heights. Her hair was long and pulled back into a ponytail. There was a large wardrobe available for this doll. Ruth Drew inspiration from `Lilli', which was sold as a sex toy for men.

3. Who was Barbie doll's first pet?
### A horse called `Dancer'

4. What was Barbie doll's first car?
### A coral Austin Healey.

5. Name the first celebrity to become a Barbie doll?
### Twiggy. This was a tribute to the top British model, Twiggy, in 1966.

6. Which collection/series has the maximum number of Barbie dolls?
### Dolls of the World

7. What kind of a Barbie doll is a HTF?
### A doll, which is Hard To Find

8. What was the first career held by the Barbie doll?
### Fashion Designer

9. Which famous supermodel turned down an offer to have a modeled after her?
### Cindy Crawford

10. The Talking Barbie dolls made in Mexico in the 1970's had a defect when played with. What was it?
### The legs would fall off. Today, finding a Made in Mexico Barbie, with her original legs in good working order and that have not been glued on, fetches a good price.


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