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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Delhi - Crude, Callous, and Coldhearted
Last week, I was in Delhi. It was my first visit to the national capital. Though I stayed there for one and half days, it was enough for me to head home.

There’s no law; it’s anarchy that rules everywhere. Flouting rules, and breaking law are as common as the Sunday afternoon siestas. Nothing depicts the Delhi cosmos better than a ride on Delhi’s buses, where the driver and conductor keep smoking beedies, as the “No Smoking” signs an imploring, vain plea. During my short stay, I traveled by bus twice. In the first, the cleaner beat up a middle-aged man until his face was soaked with blood. His crime? He sat in a seat in he wanted to. The second time around, the conductor hit three kids, all below 15. Their offence? They were in a bus that didn’t go to their destination. In both of these instances, none of the commuters came forward for the rescue of these hapless victims. No wonder Delhi is a heartless city.

There are touts floating around, leaving no stone unturned to fleece the visitors to the bone. Autowalas and cab drivers charge astronomical prices, thinking as if you were the cousin of Bill Gates. Civic sense and clean air appear to be a mirage in this great metro.

I think Delhi could get better if the so-called leaders do something to set things in order, instead of ensconcing themselves in the cozy air-conditioned rooms.


At 6:35 AM, Blogger Fin-Mark said...

hi friend,
myself arun. me also was very new to delhi.In last month i went delhi for my acdemic project. i faced lot of hell in delhi. From rikshawallah to richwallah there were lot of adjustment with them another one travelling in bus is utmost the brink of hell. whatever you exporsed with delhi, i completely agree with you. we can see heaven only in the metro of delhi. i were as commuter there. so i changed my mode of commuting by metro. but in outskirts of delhi i had to travel in dead-bus.
Delhi Unbelievable of Our Nation Capital!
bye thanks for your sharing.

At 4:30 AM, Anonymous Reddy R said...

Hi Murali,

Your words clearly saying that where your Delhi tour landed in, and at the same time your feelings about our political leaders. I think from one small street leader to VVIP leaders, nobody don't care about people and their rights. They are much more interested in stealing the public facilities for their rich livelyhood. Now a days we cannot find the person that who is solely working for people without expecting any returns.

Anyway thanks for sharing your feelings about Delhi tour and Chutneys at Hyd.


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