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Saturday, September 24, 2005

On the road to recovery...

September 2005 is perhaps the cruelest month in my life. Coz it’s the first time I got hospitalized with multiple disorders. It all started on 6th when I went to a nearby park to take some pics. I spent nearly 3 hours under the sun, capturing the glimpses of nature in its myriad manifestations. The moment I returned to my room, I experienced something similar to an electric shock. I started sweating profusely and my body was writhing in pain. First, I thought it was a sunstroke and took some self-medication. But the problem got aggravated by evening. I didn’t see any point in wasting the time and got admitted to a nearby super-specialty hospital with the help of my cousin.

There were 4 nurses and a doctor tending to me. I was reeling under severe fever, headache and dehydration. It was after 4 hours of intensive care that included lots of injections and other forms of medication, I started creeping back to life. Around midnight, I returned to my room and slept. By the next afternoon, I found myself in a completely emaciated condition and got admitted in the hospital, this time as an in-patient. For almost 6 hours, I battled for life. Though the nurses were quite friendly, I found doctors very unprofessional. They have diagnosed me with abdominal infection.
I experienced an unforgettable trauma during my one-and-half day stay in the hospital. My friend Ravi was with me when I was in the hospital and later took me to his home where I stayed for 4 days.

The severity of the illness I experienced is such that I’m yet to recover fully even after 2 weeks. Though the doctors suggested complete bed rest, I managed to work this week with frequent breaks. The saddest part of my hospitalization was not the bill which was quite exorbitant, but I lost a lot of weight and the biceps I worked so hard to build for over 6 months. I look forward to going back to the gym ASAP and pumping the iron so that I could regain the weight and prance back to life.


At 1:42 AM, Blogger Dutchy said...

You may be rooted in the country but your branches seem to have embraced the concrete metropolus with all its vices in which you indulge yourself -you may have just had an overdose of biriyani of chicken 65.

I guess you should stay out of the jungle my dear Quiz Junkie . Even a park, be it the snake infested KBR park, is too much for a city lad like yourself.

A word of advice: keep it cool and digital (and I don't refer to your digital camera!)


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