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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Business Quiz – 5

1. Which Indian car shares its name with one of the colors in the rainbow?
Ans: `Indigo' from the Tata stable

2. Connect Beltex, Texla, Oscar, Salora, Crown, Jolly and Dixon.
Ans: All are Desi TV Brands trying to make a comeback. These brands suffered a major setback when MNCs hit the market in early 1990's.

3. Which brand gets its name from the Japanese word for `red'?
Ans: Akai

4. The person behind this famous online venture thought of naming his company "Cadabra". But his manager persuaded him to go for another name as he felt "Cadabra" sounds like a "Cadaver". How do we know this new economy major as today?

5. Which brand of custard powder was developed by Alfred Bird in the 19th century as an alternative for his wife who was allergic to eggs and could not eat homemade egg custard?
Ans: Bird's Custard Powder by Kraft Foods

6. What do you call a stock market bond that has no principles, no interest, and no maturity?
Ans: Clinton Bond. It's named after former President Bill Clinton and his well documented feats with interns. Such a bond is also known as Quayle Bond, named after former Vice-President Dan Quayle.

Actually, there's no such bond. This is just a hilarious buzzword.

7. Name the company started by Nandita Das recently to make ads on social issues.
Ans: Leapfrog

8. We have heard of white and blue-collar workers. But what do you call workers whose job involves a combination of white and blue-collar duties.
Ans: Gray-collar workers

9. In retailing, what is `Trolleyology'?
Ans: The study of the correlation between the contents of a person's shopping cart (trolley) and their personality.

10. What type of advertising is jocularly referred to as `Pollution on a pole'?
Ans: Billboard Advertising. It's also known as `Pollution on stick'


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