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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Business Quiz # 4

1. It's known as `Sure' in the UK, `Shield' in South Africa, and `Reward' in Nigeria. How do we know it as in India?
Ans: Rexona

2. Who are popularly referred to as MDA and ADA in the Indian corporate world?
Ans: Mukesh Dhiruibhai Ambani and Anil Dhirubhai Ambani

3.Identify the personality based on the clues given below:

a). Golfer and gourmet, pianist and pilot, he loves cricket, skiing, and dancing.
b). On the walls of his office, his life has been depicted by a series of cartoons by R K Laxman. In one of cartoons, he was compared to Napoleon Bonaparte.
c). He led an army of 1.1 lakh employees for decades without any trouble.
d). He also holds a record for signing nearly 8 lakh letters during his tenure as MD at one of the Tata group companies.
Ans: Russy Modi of Tata Steel

4.Connect Cast Away, Bowfinger, Runaway Bride, and the Matrix with a brand.
Ans: Fed Ex is advertised in all these films.

5. Name the first company to print nutrition information on its product packages.
Ans: Kellogg's

6. In business, what do you do when you `Napsterize'?
Ans: You share knowledge/information, which increases the perceived and actual value of your service/business

7. According to Fortune magazine, which Indian company publishes its financial statements in accordance with the accounting standards of 8 countries?
Ans: Infosys

8. Allansons and Madhu Jayanti are among the leading exporters of what product from India?
Ans: Coffee

9. If an American puts 420 in his email profile, what's he trying to convey?
Ans: That he smokes marijuana regularly

10.Which San Francisco-based company recently bagged a multi-million deal to reconstruct Iraq?
Ans: Bechtel Group


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