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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Business Quiz #3

1.Name the first-ever Indian company to be converted into a bank.
Ans: Kotak Mahindra

2.He was born in Thailand, brought up at Ramana Maharshi's ashram at
Thiruvannamalli, and was credited for designing and selling the world's first portable computer in early 1980's. Identify the personality we are talking about.
Ans: Adam osborne

3. What do you call a stock market issue whose market capitalization is less than Rs 50 crore?
Ans: Ankle Biter

4.What do you call a branding exercise that focuses on simple, crisp message?
Ans: Plain Vanilla Branding

5.It's a day (generally a Friday) when employees are allowed to wear informal cloths to work in most of the companies. In HR parlance, there's a special word for such a day. What is it?
Ans: Dress-Down Day

6. Which fairness cream brand recently launched a foundation under its name to help women across the country gain economic independence through education, career guidance, and scholarships?
Ans: Fair & Lovely

7.In computing, what is a `Rain Dance?"
Ans: A sequence of actions performed in the hope that will solve a computer problem.

8.Which detergent is named after the founder's daughter `Nirupama?"
Ans: Nirma

9. In advertising/marketing slang, who/what is referred to as `Blue hair?"
Ans: Elderly Women Customers. (Interesting Response from a member: making an ad which has night scenes, mostly bedroom scenes etc. named because of the blue light that is used to create a night effect, which creates a blue hair effect)

10.Which car gets its name from the Italian word for `lightning'?
Ans: Baleno


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