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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Business Quiz # 2

1. Which automobile brand is named after the Czech word for `pity or hame'?
Ans: Skoda

2.Identify the brand name based on the clues given below:

a. Contains 6 letters and rhymes with Niagara
b. The first 2 letters are the homonym of a word, which means `to fight or compete'
c. The last 4 letters not only evoke `aggression' but share their wording with a city that houses a famous monument in India.
Ans: Viagra

3.Which company's mission statement is "To be All things to all people?"
Ans: Yahoo!

4.Which company has the ticker name "SUN" on New York Stock Exchange?
Ans: Sunoco, Inc.

5.Theater owners in which Indian city cancelled screening of films for 45 days and showed cricket matches on the screen during the ICC world cup 2003?

6.In-film advertising has become common these days. Why the beer brand "Zingaro" was chosen as an in-film advertiser in the film "Jism"? (There's some interesting funda behind this)
Ans: Zingaro is promoted based on the platform of having a "LIGHT-HEARTED STRONG DESIRE." This image gelled well with Jism's theme of a woman having an Extra-Marital Affair (Light-Hearted Feeling) with a Strong Desire (Employing Her Lover To Kill Her Husband)

7.Identify the script in which the Coca-Cola brand name is written.
Ans: Spencerian Script

8.In soft drinks business, what are COBO and FOBO?
Ans: COBO – Company Owned Bottling Operationg; FOBO – Franchisee Owned Bottling Operations

9.Which Indian apparel brand was created by My Noorani and Hasan Taj
over a cup of chai in an Irani restaurant in front of Mumbai's Liberty Cinema?
Ans: Zodiac

10. Which MNC has bagged the rights to treat the sacred waters of Ganga, bottle it and sell it as mineral water in Delhi?
Ans: Suez Dregmont.


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