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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Steamed Dosa at "Chutney's"
Being a Hyderabadi, I have been to most of the eateries in the city. One such place I would love to frequent is Chutneys, located near the Nagarjuna Circle in Panjagutta. I tried `Steamed Dosa’ here. And believe me, it's not often we get access to such a rare delicacy.
From the menu, I learnt that a leading film star has given the recipe for this dosa. The menu also features that the Steamed Dosa is cooked in Japanese style without using any oil. While one side of the dosa is fluffy, porus, soft and steamed, the other side is crispy, crunchy. The dosa is served with a palatable selection of four different chutneys and sambar.
The chutneys and sambar are non-spicy and complement the quality of Steamed Dosa. The copper glasses, and banana leaves in which the food is served make it more enjoyable. The wooden interiors are well done and the ambience is quite homely. The service is prompt and courteous.
If you are someone who abstains from oily foods and try something different, go ahead and indulge yourself with this rare catch. Such is the popularity of the Steamed Dosa at Chutney’s that you find gourmets dropping in to relish it even at the lunch and dinner times.
Usually, one dosa is sufficient per person. The first time I ordered steamed dosa, my jaw dropped when I saw that it costs Rs 40. But after having it, I felt it’s worth every Paisa of it.


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