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Friday, September 23, 2005

Business Quiz #1

1. What was the first major source of revenue generation for the East India Company in India in the early 1830's? (Clue: A famous place in Andhra Pradesh)
Ans: The hundi collection from the abode of Lord Venkateswara temple in Tirupathi.

2. In retailing, what term connotes the loss loss suffered due to shoplifting, mispricing, or wastage?
Ans: Shrinkage

3. According to Jack Trout, what is considered as the `ultimate competitive starategy?'
Ans: Benchmarking

4. Which product from ITC means a `blessing' in some of the Indian languages?
Ans: Aashirwaad (atta)

5. Kids play an important role in purchasing products such as motorcycles, cars, TVs, etc. What do you call such ability of kids to influence the buying decisions of their parents?
Ans: Pester Power

6. Name India's largest non-corporate global brand.
Ans: Taj Mahal

7. What are `bum bum' policies in insurance business?
Ans: Policies that cover the rear ends of celebrities. Such policies are very popular in Brazil.

8. In HR jargon, what is the term given to employees who are no longer considered to be productive to the company they work for?
Ans: Deadwood

9. In marketing slang, who is a `tyrekicker'?
Ans: A prospective customer who demands a lot of attention and gathers a lot of information buts ends up buying nothing

10. If Mitsubishi means `three diamonds' in the Japanese, which Japanese company is named after the Japanese word for `three water wells?'
Ans: Mitsui

11. Companies generally give away products such as T-shirts, pens, watches, and mugs to their employees with the company's logo or any other information printed on them. What is the name given to such products?
Ans: Missionware


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