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Friday, October 21, 2005

Business Quiz - 7
1. What kind of a sales promotion technique is a `Bogof'?
### Buy One Get One Free

2. In marketing slang, what does a company do when it engages in
`Building a better mouse trap'?
### It creates a new or better product that could take on the competition.

3. If a company resorts to "Fluffing it and Flying it" tactic, what is it trying to do?
### It makes a product look good with a few changes (such as changing
the package) and then sells it.

4. What do you call a web site that hasn't been updated for a long period?
### Cobweb site

5. In computer parlance, what is a `Condom'?
### A plastic cover used to wrap floppies; and the transparent cover that rests over the keyboard.

6. Which word gets its name from `Uisge Beathea', the Scottish Gaelic for `Water of Life'?
### Whisky

7. What brand promoted itself as the official sponsor of Valentine's Day in 2001?
### Viagra

8. This famous brand had its origins in the US and later spread to every nook and corner of the world. In certain parts of the globe, it's sold three to four times the price of liquor. Though it was originally sold to cure headaches and mild depressions, the actual purpose behind its creation never took off. Identify this all-time super brand we are talking about.
### Coca-Cola

9. In stock market jargon, what do you call a scrip that is experiencing a steep decline in its price?
### Falling Knife; The term "falling knife" comes from an old Wall Street adage: "Never try to catch a falling knife." It means that it's both dangerous and foolhardy to buy a stock that's falling because chances are it's falling for a reason and will likely continue to do so.

Business Quiz –6

1. Which brand gets its name from the Spanish for `Always in Motion'?
### Movado

2. In business/socializing, what does `Schmooze' mean?
### To behave flatteringly at social gatherings towards anyone who
might help you benefit in your career.

3. What kind of products are promoted under Bottle-and-Glass advertising?
### Liquor Products

4. Who is the only Indian carton character in the world to have a statue installed after him?
### R K Laxman's `Common Man'

5. Samsung launched a mobile phone called `T500'. What is so unique about this product?
### It was designed keeping women in mind. Features include a health-
monitoring device, calorie count which monitors the calories burnt on a daily basis, a fatness index, etc. What's more, the screen can be used as a hand mirror)

6. Name the first Asian car that has its pictures on display at the gallery of Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC.
### Ambassador

7. In the world of e-commerce, what does it mean when you `Amazon
### You take away business from a well-established brick-and-mortar
company by being the first to build an online presence

8. In HR lingo, which term is used to describe an employee who quits
a company and takes up another job but later returns to his previous company?
### Boomerang

9. In stock market jargon, what do you call a scrip that has fallen
below its original value?
### Fallen Angel